• Sindhi Muslim - Plot 13 D SMCHS block A Karachi
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  • Apple Strudel
    Rs 14.50

    Roast Duck Breast Exquisite taste

    Roasted duck breast (served pink) with gratin potato and a griottine cherry sauce

  • Rs 13.50

    Roasted Pork Belly

    Pan roasted pork belly with gratin potato, braised Savoy cabbage, apples, thyme and calvados jus

  • Pizza Margherita
    Rs 13.95

    Breton Fish Stew

    Pan roasted haddock fillet wrapped in smoked French bacon with pea purée and tomato and chive vinaigrette

  • Spinach Soup
    Rs 12.95


    tuna, red onion, caper, mozzarella, tomato sauce